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Best Ping Submission Sites | Pinging in SEO

List of best 20 Ping site to submit your website and bookmarks for free

How ping help in SEO?? Best ways to ping your blog/website

Pinging is a good practice to indexed a new content and pages of your websites quickly in major search engines. Pinging also help to improve the backlinks and popularity of your blog/ websites. However, you need to aware, frequent pinging may harm your website ranking and popularity. Frequent pinging may take as a spam by search engine.

Pinging Site list

When Should you Ping ??

The best time to ping a site is when :
  • You Put up new content or update in existing content.
  • Got a backlink from a reputed website.
  •  You want your newly included keywords to be indexed by search engine.

Best Pinging Website List

  1. Ping My URL
  2. PingMyLink
  3. Backlink Ping
  4. Autopinger
  5. Ping-o-matic
  6. Pingler
  7. Pingfarm
  8. Blog Pinger
  9. Twingly Blog Ping
  10. Googleping
  11. BulkPing
  12. Pinggoat
  14. PingBomb
  15. BlogBuzzer

How Pinging Helps in your SEO efforts???

Pinging helps your SEO efforts to a great extent by alerting the web spiders/crawlers that there is new content or update in your website or blog for people to check out. When spiders start crawling , the probability of your websites getting indexed for the targeted and relevant keyword increases. Beside that some pinging sites also store your data in their database which help to create a some backlink in your website.